School Advisory Council (SAC)

Information Package



What is SAC?

The School Advisory Council (SAC) is a group of parent volunteers that get together and work in collaboration with the school staff, Principal, and the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). Every parent in the school is invited to attend SAC meetings!

SAC's primary goals are to:

  • Support and sponsor cultural, arts, social, athletic, and STEM activities/events for students (eg. Scientist in the School, Yoga, DrumFit).

  • Foster a sense of school community with fundraising, participation or organization of events such as Halloween Bingo, Movie Night and Fun Fair. We aim to enrich everystudent’s experience at Denlow.

  • Gather feedback from parents concerning various matters of interest.


Welcome and Meeting Information

  • SAC would like to welcome back current Denlow families and send a warm welcome to families new to Denlow! Find all important SAC information at: We are also on Facebook and WeChat!

  • SAC holds meetings every 4-6 weeks. Meetings are open to all parents, and we encourage you to attend. It is a good opportunity to find out what is happening at Denlow, bring forward suggestions and get an update from our Principal.

  • SAC would like to invite you to the first SAC meeting of the year. DATE TBD (childcare is provided ONLY for Denlow students, upon request by emailing by Sept 6th). At this meeting we will discuss many interesting topics as well as vote for the 2019-2020 SAC Executive Council (see Nomination Form online!).

  • We welcome you to get involved in the year ahead!


SAC Executive Election Nomination

Complete by Sept 16th, the new SAC Executive will be announced at the SAC meeting.

SAC Executive Council consists of 16 elected positions from which the Executive Council will decide a Chair, Co-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, with remaining nominees being Members At Large. The Executive Council commits to attend meetings regularly, provide input in formulating the budget, and assist in Council duties/decisions.


Welcome Back Barbeque


Food will be provided, but no drinks - please bring your own refillable water bottle to fill in school.

Request for volunteers to come for an hour shift between 4 pm-8 pm - please contact


Fundraising and Donations

Complete by Sept 16th

Like every school in the TDSB, Denlow relies heavily on fundraising to provide curriculum enrichment. Parent donation is one very important fundraising initiative to the experience that our children benefit from at Denlow.


Email Registration

Complete by Sept 16th

The School Advisory Committee (SAC) would like to improve SAC-to-home communications to make sure you are informed of upcoming SAC events at the school, volunteer opportunities, and important events in the school community. 



Complete by Sept 16th

SAC organizes a number of social and fundraising initiatives throughout the year. The enthusiastic support of our parent volunteers is one of the reasons Denlow is such a special school. Getting involved in one or more areas is a great way to enrich the experience of your child at Denlow.