Thriving Sports @Denlow

Over the past 4 months, Denlow has had the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sports for both girls and boys, ranging from Grades 3-5. Due to teacher volunteers at Denlow, we have had to the opportunity to participate in Whole School Cross Country, Girls Borden Ball, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Boys Volleyball, and Girls Basketball all before the holiday break. We have also recently started up Co-Ed Ice Hockey, and Girls Volleyball and Boys Basketball will be starting up in the new year along with some other spring time sports. Sports are an important role in adolescent development and is an opportunity that all students should have at the elementary level.

Although all teams have done exceptionally well this year, there are a few teams to honourably mention.

** The Grade 5 boys cross country team placed first in the conference and the 5 boys in Grade 5 who won the race also received awards and a red banner (Conference Champions) for the school. **

** The girls soccer team had an amazing 2 tournaments, placing 2nd only to Bedford. The girls also received awards and got a blue banner (conference finalists) to be hung at the school. **

** Not to be outdone, the boys soccer team had quite an amazing season. The Grade 5 Denlow Gryphons soccer team had an undefeated season, winning both the conference championships and the city championships. The boys received awards for both tournaments and received a red banner for winning the conference championships, and a green banner for winning the city championships (Denlow's First Green Banner). **

     All of our community if proud of all of our athletes especially because of the sportsmanship and teamwork our athletes exhibit on and off of the field. We wish all of our upcoming sports teams great success and thank our teacher volunteers in advance for all of the extra hours they give to our students.

Thank you to Mr. Cribari, Mr. Moore, and all the other teacher, staff, and parent support to make Sports at Denlow happen!!!

Eunice Youhanna