Working towards becoming an ECO Platinum school with an innovative app, OnePieceADay

Each year, Denlow participates in a community clean-up effort around the school area, making an impact for Earth Day and improving Denlow's chances of achieving ECO Platinum Certification!  Teachers lead their classes in assigned areas to pick up as much garbage as possible during the clean-up time. 

This year, we cleaned up in a very innovative and gamified way, using an app called OnePieceADay to help with capturing with photos the total waste that we took off our streets and fields.

This app can be downloaded from the App Store. It is SPECIAL not only because it helps reinforce the need to take action to clean up our planet and reduce the amount of garbage that we are producing, but also because the APP WAS CREATED BY ONE OF OUR DENLOW FAMILIES! 

OnePieceADay - what the app does

The goal of OnePieceADay is to help foster a local and global shift in consciousness, so that many people start picking up one piece of litter every day, so that people stop littering, and so that people change their daily choices about single use plastics towards a better lifecycle and planet. Our actions do matter in the massive problem we have with too much garbage in the world. This app will hopefully change our beliefs in our ability to do something about it. 

At the time of writing this blog, Denlow PS was #9 on the Leader Board, having picked up 574 pieces of litter!

A quick reminder of the 5 R's of achieving lower waste creation in our lives 


Eunice Youhanna