Birthing and releasing 100's of butterflies

This year for the first time at Denlow, all classes received a Butterfly kit from Lucy's Butterfly farm in Apsley, Ontario. They arrive (by FedEx!) about 3 weeks ago with about 30 tiny caterpillars in one cup for each class.

The students transferred each one carefully by hand into their own individual cup. They had their own special food, and the children watched them grow. When they were ready to grow into a Chrysalis, the students put each one into the flight cage and then they watched and waited.

And waited...And then?!.....Last week they started to emerge!  Once the butterflies were ready to fly late last week, the students walked to Banbury ravine or right into our Denlow field and released them all and watched them flutter away!

What a wonderful experience for the students to witness the wonder of metamorphosis and support efforts to replenish butterflies in the environment.

Once teacher said, "Thank you so much for providing this wonderful experience!  A high point in a year of memorable events."

Eunice Youhanna