Water challenges captured in "Aqua Adventure" Lego competition

We are excited to share that Denlow participated in the FIRST Lego League Jr. competition on May 4th at Charles Gordon Senior Public School. This was an opportunity for our teams to showcase their designs and learn from what other teams across the TDSB created and learned.

The Den-gineering Squad won the Master Programmer Award for successfully using LEGO WeDo programming software to bring their model to life! The LEGO Legends won the Spirit Award. They showed the ability to get other people excited about FIRST because of their enthusiasm, spirit and excitement about what they established. Congratulations to both teams for their successes this season.

The theme for this year's competition was Aqua Adventure. During our team meetings, students from Grade 2-4 began an inquiry centered around water, its importance, scarcity, and journey around the world. We looked at some interesting and inspiring videos about water challenges around the world including Shoal Lake 40 in Manitoba and the Water scarcity in Cape Town. We had no idea there were so many issues about water!  The Lego Legends created a design inspired by water filtration, while the Den-gineering Squad focused on household grey water.

Watch one of our projects evolve here.

Thank you to all our students for their hard work, dedication, commitment, and perseverance. We would also like to extend our thanks to the parents, parent drivers, and parent supporters.

Thank you most of all to Ms. Stephanie Wong and Ms. Monika Singh - two of our new Denlow teachers whom we are so excited to have at Denlow!!



Eunice Youhanna