Junglesport is both mental and physical fun

It's hard to describe how cool Junglesport is unless you try it yourself or are in the gym watching the kids. This is Denlow's 2nd year bringing in Junglesport. The course is re-configured for each grade (primaries, juniors), as appropriate, as well as each day. Each class attends Junglesport for 4 sessions per week (over the past 2 weeks). 

As soon as the kids enter the gym, there is a roar of "ooh, ahh" as they view the new Junglesport apparatus and configuration. The instructor gives many instructions, where it is quite impressive how the kids can remember and follow along. Then they line up and we can hear kids scream "Safety check" before they attempt their climb.

Ask your kids about: partner climb, rockclimbing wall, zipline, obstacle course, helicopter ladders, giraffe neck, and their other favourite parts of Junglesport!

Some parents tried it today too!  No comment.

Eunice Youhanna