Denlow debuts at the Planet in Focus Student Film Festival!

At the most recent SAC meeting, Ms. Mann presented a video that her Grade 5/6 class created with our Librarian and Tech Chair Ms. Schwartz using learning tools such as Book Creator app, iStopMotion app and iMovie. The movie was based on the student's questions about the Statement of Acknowledgement read each week on the announcements that recognizes the enduring presence of indigenous peoples on this land.

The students researched the vocabulary and meaning behind the Statement and then created their own books in the app Book Creator. The book was to be shared with younger students who also had questions about the Statement of Acknowledgement. Then students helped write, film, and create a 4-minute move that documented their journey to better understand the Statement of Acknowledgement.

The film was selected and shown at the Planet in Focus Student Film Festival on June 8th, 2017 at the Bloor Street Cinema. It was even chosen to be the opening film at the Festival!

You can watch the video . It is really amazing what our Denlow students can do!

Eunice Youhanna