Celebrating Learning with Technology at Denlow!

Wow, over the years, fundraising efforts by Denlow SAC has allowed us to invest in technology for our school, which includes iPads, Chromebooks, laptops, apps, and more. Learning certainly has changed since we parents went to school.

Ms. Francine Swartz is our Teacher Librarian as well as our Technology Chair. Follow her on Twitter @denlowLLC

Ms Schwartz writes:

In my role, I work with many different classes on collaborative inquiry based projects in one to three week blocks each afternoon throughout the year. The projects always begin by looking at the big ideas., fundamental concepts and questions in the curriculum. Then, we ask ourselves what skills the students need to know (i.e. jot note taking, asking rich questions, synthesizing information, reading for meaning etc.) and the knowledge and understanding that needs to be acquired. We also consider how we will assess these skills and learning. Using technology is then considered and is often used as a tool to support cooperation, critical thinking, communication and creativity.

Here is a small cross section of examples taken from the Library Learning Commons this year. I am excited to share and celebrate the important work we are doing to help our students succeed in the 21st Century!


Ms. Schwartz

Teacher Librarian, Technology Chair Denlow P.S. Digital Lead Learner, TDSB

Eunice Youhanna