Commander Chris Hadfield inspires Denlow!

Today, we had the huge honor of having a Skype call with Commander Chris Hadfield, the first Canadian astronaut to walk in space.

Did you know??

** Commander Hadfield has gone around the world 2600 times in 3 different rocket ships.

** Look at the Canadian $5 bill. That is a picture of Commander Hadfield doing a space walk!


 Many, many thanks to one of our parents, Marie, who had the patience and foresight to sign up for this Skype opportunity TWO-YEARS ago and recently heard that Denlow was next on the waitlist!

Our students throughout the school prepared questions in advance. Please ask your student about their experience with Commander Hadfield’s Skype call today!  A selection of the questions and answers included:

  1. What might space travel be like in the future? “Well, I’m older than space flight…think it will be simpler, faster, safer and won’t just orbit the world. Maybe you will be the commander of Moon Base. Maybe we will go further even as far as Mars or beyond”

  2. How might animals react in space?  This is where Commander Hadfield showed us his very cute pug, Albert! 

  3. How did you get the courage to stay in a space station for so long?  “Part of having courage is doing the things that you dream about” – and more on being curious, wanting to explore, learning so that it is no longer scary, getting good at flying space ships

  4. What is your favourite thing to do on the International Space Station?  Could choose 3 things: a) Push off your toes and fly, tumble, zip across the station like a superpower, b) Go aroudn the world every 90 minutes and see the whole world going by your window, c) Being able to go outside alone in the universe and do a space walk!

  5. If you could invent anything to help you in space travel, what would it be?

  6. What time is it at the International Space Station?  “We use London time…when the Queen wakes up, the astronauts wake up. When the Queen goes to bed, …”

  7. How has your time as a scientist affected how you think about art?  Think about rainbows as beautiful colors of art plus the science as a prism of light. Think about music as art and as sound waves. Art and science are the same thing.


The overall inspiring theme was to have the courage to learn and EXPLORE!!  What a great day!

Eunice Youhanna