Yoga, Curling, Junglesport, Little Bear, Robots, and more!

Students at Denlow have been climbing, crawling, stretching, balancing, sweeping, coding, and more!  We hope that they have enjoyed these programs which allow them to try activities that may be new to them.

Most of these activities are funded through the School Advisory Council (SAC) fundraising dollars, which come from Denlow families' participation in the September school council donation, Pizza lunch fundraiser, Subway lunch fundraiser, Fun Fair and more!

SAC contributes to these enrichment programs which span technology/ STEM, Arts, and Fitness/ Wellness.  Decisions on which enrichment programs to bring to Denlow occurs during SAC meetings (all parents are welcome!) and we focus on programs that will benefit the whole school.

Any questions, please feel free to reach out to

Eunice Youhanna