TDSB Renewed Math Strategy

At our most recent SAC meeting, we heard from TDSB Learning Coach, Gee Fou-Tsang, on TDSB's Renewed Math Strategy (RMS). Read more on the RMS.

Math programming for students includes a balance of instructional methods: inquiry, investigation, direct instruction, and practice giving students many opportunities to develop their thinking and master their skills. Here is a helpful video that shows the difference in the RMS approach.

Each TDSB school has Math Leads. For Denlow, our Math Leads are Ms. Allen and Ms. Altobello. Math Leads are volunteers who receive targeted professional development (as developed by RMS) and time to work collaboratively with the Math Learning Coach. Their role is to bring their new learnings back to their respective schools and share with staff through the collaborative inquiry process.

Last but not least, if interested, parents can access "Doing Mathematics with your Child" that includes math activities that can be done at home.


Eunice Youhanna