Who are we "passing it along" to?

I'm proud of our community. Pass-it-Along and Kids Like Me are annual Denlow drives to give to a TDSB school, Eastview Junior P.S., in Scarborough. This school is 1/3 First Nations. 

Thank you to the Denlow families who contributed!! This wasn't even all that was donated. Thank you to those dedicated Denlow parents who sorted and delivered the donations!! They said "It was an amazing day today"

Who is getting the donated gently-used clothes and brand new toys? Here are some very moving videos of Eastview school, where students created the beat, wrote the lyrics, and recorded a music video of what they are proud of.

PROUD TO BE - Eastview Jr Public School

Can't Do it Like Me Pow Wow Challenge

I'm am pretty sure we cannot rap or move like this. It would be a blast to learn from Eastview!

Eunice Youhanna