Planetarium WAS COOL!

Ask your child about the planetarium experience. Each Denlow class over 3-days is experiencing a planetarium workshop. Here are some student comments so far: 

"We learned about Mars, the rotation of planets, light pollution, the constellations, some of the names of the brighter stars, and how to locate the north star from the Big Dipper. WAS COOL!"

"It's a huge bubble, and when you go inside, they show you a few pictures about space and astronauts. Then, the guys turns on this thing and it shows stars on the top. And then he shows the Big Dipper and Little Dipper and describes how you can find north, east, south, and west by looking at the Big Dipper." 

"While we were looking at the screen, the guy showed us a video of the smallest planet in our universe, and then they showed the larger planets. And he compared the larger planets with the smaller planets. And he also showed us humongous stars which are a 1000x bigger than the earth and sun."

From a very random selection of Denlow students


Eunice Youhanna