Student Safety with Traffic – Darker days and Snowbanks!

As the days grow cold, we are noticing an increase in morning drop-off's by car. To keep traffic moving along Denlow Blvd, it is easiest if you enter the parking lot with a RIGHT TURN and exit with a RIGHT TURN. This will prevent the back-log of cars, which can lead to frustration and cars cutting around others causing more safety risks.

Kids are walking to school as well. Please be aware of the little ones behind the growing snowbanks. Students are crossing at the Pedestrian Crossover by themselves as the crossover is no longer supervised by an adult. ALLOW people using the crossover to COMPLETE cross the road before proceeding.

The new Ontario of Transportation rule as of Jan 1, 2016 states "Only when pedestrian and school crossing guards have crossed and are safely on the sidewalk can drivers and cyclists proceed." The reason for this law and the penalties are described here.

The morning bell rings at 8:40am. There is teacher supervision in the school yard beginning 8:30am. Giving yourself extra time to arrive will also spread out the congestion that often occurs.

Thank you all for the respect to keep everyone safe!

Eunice Youhannasafety, traffic