PARENTS NEEDED FOR school council

As mandated under the Education Act, the Denlow School Advisory Council (SAC) is a group of parent volunteers that get together and work in collaboration with the school staff, Principal, and the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). SAC Executive roles (Chair, Co-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary) are held by parent volunteers for one-year, and elections are held each Fall, if required. Regular SAC meetings are held at the school, and all Denlow parents are encouraged and welcome to attend.

SAC's primary goals are to:

  1. Support and sponsor cultural/ arts, social, athletic, and STEM activities and events for students (eg. Scientist in the School, extracurricular programs outside of what teachers offer, yoga, DrumFit, , Movie Night, Halloween Bingo, etc)

  2. Foster a sense of school community with fundraising, participation or organization of events (eg. Fun Fair, pizza and subway lunches, etc.) We aim to enrich every student's experience at Denlow.

  3. Gather feedback from parents concerning various matters of interest.



Denlow has a tradition of many fun parent and student events. To continue with this, we need a committed group of Denlow parents who will be willing to lead and participate actively. This involves attending meetings, leading events, and generally communicating regularly throughout the school year. Getting involved with Denlow SAC Executive is a great way to have meaningful input into your childs' experience at Denlow!

We need NEW PARENTS to step in and get involved as SAC Executive for 2019-2020 and in numerous Committees.


Get to know us now in Spring 2019, so you can nominate yourself (or others) in September 2019 to join the Denlow SAC Executive. Open roles are:

  • SAC Chair and Co-chair (2 positions) - Responsible to think about all the SAC activities for the year, get to know parents to find many volunteers, lead SAC meetings. Needs organizational and relationship skills to delegate well and work through many decisions. Work closely with Principal, Treasurer, etc.

  • SAC Secretary - Responsible for taking meeting minutes and doing some light computer admin (eg. keeping files updated on Google Drive, completing forms)

  • SAC Treasurer- responsible for preparing budgets, keeping the SAC account up to date and reconciled, presenting budgets, and working with Chair to pay out funds for SAC initiatives


  • Communication Lead - Work closely with SAC Chair/ Co-chair on communication plan (collecting all parent emails, using MailChimp to draft and send emails). Need strong writing ability, will work closely with website lead to coordinate content. Ideally on Facebook to manage content and answer questions. Will usually set up emails to recruit volunteers for several events (eg. Terry Fox run, Pass-it-along, etc)

  • Parking Safety Patrol Parent Lead - Help recruit and coordinate 5-10 parent volunteers (one day/ week each) at the Kiss ‘n’ Ride to help parking safety from 8:25-8:50am each day. Could also coordinate with City Councillor to discuss overall street safety around the school (eg. cross walk, parents on devices while driving)

  • Class Rep Lead - recruit Class Reps, help class reps in their role of getting to know the teacher, forming a class email distribution list, organizing teacher gifts on behalf of families, and communicating between SAC, the teacher, and families throughout the year.

  • Terry Fox Run Lead (September 2019) - Work with teachers on the route map, recruit about 24 volunteers to help cheer and guide kids on the route

  • Welcome Back BBQ Lead (September 2019) - Organize and run a BBQ for the whole school, recruit adult and student volunteers to help. Planning and renting the BBQs and H2O truck should start immediately.

  • Grad Committee Leads/ Co-Lead - At least 2 parents of Grade 5 graduating students to work with the school to coordinate graduating student events. School responsible for the graduation ceremony and overnight trip (if desired). The Leads will recruit many more parents to help lead key activities (eg. Yearbook, field trip to RINX, after-party, and legacy gift).

  • Fun-fair Lead: Lead a committee of volunteers for organizing the biggest and most fun-filled event of the year for the Denlow community. It will take place in early June 2020.


  • SAC Chair - Grigoris

  • SAC Co-Chair - Joanna

  • SAC Treasurer – Brenda

  • SAC Secretary - Chitra

  • Communication Lead: Carmen

  • Pizza Co-Leads - Lewis & Marcy

  • Milk Ticket selling and distribution - Tameeza

  • Extracurricular Co-Lead - Samantha & Cathy

  • Parking Safety Patrol Lead: Joanna

  • Fun-Fair Lead: Parthena

  • Class Rep Lead: Maria

  • Grad Committee Lead: Maria

  • Website Lead - Henry