All parents are asked to register their email addresses in 2 places:

1) Denlow Principal emails - go to

2) Denlow SAC emails - Complete the form below to receive emails which announce school-wide events (eg. pizza lunch, Halloween bingo, movie nights, and much much more).  Indicate multiple email addresses if you would like more than one parent to receive these emails.


Student Name (preferred name) *
Student Name (preferred name)
Choose from the drop down menu
I consent to share my email address with my Class Representative (who sends teacher communications) and with the Denlow SAC to include in a school parent email directory
The Class Rep primarily acts as a liaison between SAC and the parents of a specific class. They are responsible for compiling a class email list and for communicating SAC information with parents via email as needed. The teacher may also ask the Class Rep to help find volunteers or assist in organizing a class event. It is great opportunity to help SAC and your child’s teacher.